New Bengals!

You don’t know it yet but Idaho State University is going to change your life in ways you didn’t think were possible, but only if you try to make the most of your college career. By making the most of your college career I mean getting involved and succeeding in your classes.

Being involved in organizations wasn’t a new thing to me when I came to ISU. I had been an officer in my FFA chapter for 3 years and have played on many different sports teams ranging from recreational to high school to competitive select teams. So being a part of something bigger than myself wasn’t a new thing but it was an important one.

When I first came to ISU I knew I wanted to be involved but not how. Had I gone to my orientation as a freshman I probably would’ve figured out what I wanted to do to help the university much sooner. But I made the “horrible mistake” of binge watching game of thrones during my orientation sessions and the week of welcome events. My Resident Assistant (RA) tired to get me to go out but he could tell I was shy, so he went out of his way to befriend me and make me leave the cave that was my room. By the time he got me out of my room it was already time for classes to start.

This is when my road to success at Idaho State University began.

My RA was a 4.0 honors student with the health sciences program, now Pre-Pharmacy. So, he is a smart guy, and he used that to help more than just himself. He was the Vice-President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity on campus. Going Greek wasn’t something I EVER saw myself doing but to me it wasn’t about being in a frat. It was about surrounding myself with people who want to see and help me succeed and take on life head first. They pushed me to succeed so hard that I volunteered to be the Greek Council Secretary within my first year of being Greek. I had been a secretary for organizations before but never one where I would have weekly meetings that I must maintain proper minutes and report said minutes to advisors and the various chapters and their presidents and voting delegates on campus. After finishing my term in office, I vowed that I wanted to take a break and sit back to enjoy life a little bit more. But I thought to myself for a long time, and I couldn’t think of a person who stepped back from their responsibilities and still lived the life they wished to. That’s when I had a revelation, If I wanted to maintain this path to success that I was paving, I was going to have to be involved and stay involved. The same week I stepped down from my position on Greek Council, I stepped up and took the same title of Secretary within my chapter of Kappa Sigma.

But just being an officer of the fraternity wasn’t enough for me.

The chapter had given to me and I was now giving back but I was capable of so much more.

This is when I turned my sights to the University and the orientation program.

I volunteered to be an orientation leader after several older members within the fraternity had boasted about how much fun it was and how many great friends they had made. And oh boy were they right. I will never forget my experience as an orientation leader. But there is a problem with being a leader, after orientation is over, so is all the fun and the INVOLVEMENT and I am all about being involved so I wanted more.

That’s why I applied for the Orientation coordinator position.