You’ve made it! Whatever the reason, whatever the path you took to get here, you found yourself at Idaho State. I bet you’re wondering “what now?” The hardest time that I had after being accepted to ISU was wondering what my everyday life would look like. No one in my family had ever gone to college and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Differentiating between my time in my K-12 Education and my soon to be university experience was a tricky one because I had no clue how to think about my life as a college student. Would I suddenly dress different? Was I supposed to triple my coffee intake to legitimize my status as a university student (trust me that one happens naturally)? I had to begin to sketch my own map to success when starting my college experience. Through sketching, erasing, and redrafting of the map I learned a few things that I would like to share with you today.

The first thing that I can share with you has to do with involvement. Through my whole life I have been incredibly introverted and have always considered myself a homebody. I always thought that clubs and organizations were for the ‘typical’ outgoing person that we all know and love.  In college, involvement can make all the difference in the world, and for the purpose of clarification, not being ‘typical’ for something is not a reason to dismiss doing it. The more time that I have spent in my undergraduate career engaging in clubs and organizations on campus the more successful I have become. Not only does involvement on campus help establish important connections but it helps keep you engaged with your university in a productive, alleviating way, while keeping your education at the forefront of your priorities. Involvement on campus has given me such tremendous opportunities as well as connections that will aid me in my future career.

Another incredibly important aspect of succeeding in your college career is endurance. The moment that I realized that the only thing that could truly stop me from being successful was myself, was the moment that I changed my life. Whether you have family and friends behind you or not, does not change the fact that you have what it takes to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Whether you’re running or strolling along, inches at a time, you are still moving forward. Continue to work towards the right direction, and no one can stop you. There is no right way to ‘do college.’ Everyone has a different experience, using the right on campus tools, and off campus mindset, you can make this experience everything you want it to be. You’re a Bengal now, so set your sights and never take no for an answer!