Success in college definitely varies from person to person. Everyone finds their place in different friend groups, and everyone succeeds differently. Some people thrive naturally, and others need to use other resources for success.


Personally, I am the type of person that thrives in involvement. My biggest piece of advice for succeeding in college is to get involved. Join clubs, go to school events, use the resource centers, and enjoy your time, because four years will fly by.


What do I mean by join clubs? I mean join clubs. There are over 100 clubs on campus, and they are all incredible. There are organizations ranging from Greek life all the way to racket ball club. Personally, I am involved in six organizations on campus, and they have all taught me valuable lessons about college. These organizations have taught me leadership, the best places to study on campus, a home away from home, and ultimately, that college is the place where you can constantly strive to be the best version of yourself. 18451584_1550081491678521_2345873804885135406_o


School events are also an incredible way to get involved. ISU is so special in that our school events are free for students. Want to go to a football game? Well, it’s free. Movie? Also free. Not only does our campus offer tons of events that are incredible for making friends and getting involved, but our school events are the time to show our school spirit. School spirit matters in college, we rock that Bengal Pride, and we represent our orange and black proudly, and you should too. A huge part of success is being confident in the school that you’re attending.


Resource centers will save your life. I will say it again. Resource centers will save your life. The math center is the sole reason why I passed stats, and there are a ton of other on campus tutoring centers that are completely free to students. I am an English major, and I frequently go to the writing center in order to better my writing. We are so fortunate to also have private tutors available for more specific subjects. Academia matters, and passing your classes matters in college, so utilize your resources at ISU while you can, because those resources are what help me learn and pass my classes, and they are what help thousands of ISU students learn and pass their classes.


Enjoy your time here. College doesn’t have to be all stress and homework and hardship in order to graduate. Yes, you will need to work hard, but that also means take time for yourself. One of the biggest reasons why I feel like I succeed in college is because I have a balance of working my tail off, and taking time for just me to relax. Relaxing and having fun are important in college because the four years spent at a university is time you will never get back, so while you are working hard, remember to enjoy ISU.


ISU has endless opportunities for success, and what I have named are only a few that have helped me. I hope that they can help you as well, and I hope you can find a ton of other things to help you, so you can pass them on to other future ISU students.