Hello, again, Bengals! It’s Bri, your favorite Social Events Coordinator. As the countdown to New Student Orientation continues, I am getting more and more excited to meet all of you new students!


New Student Orientation is focused on welcoming you into the Bengal family and preparing you for the next few years you’ll spend here at ISU. We truly want you to have the best resources possible to make the most out of your college experience. I am so grateful that I was able to share a part of my Bengal journey with you earlier this summer. However, I am even more excited now to share a few of the ways that my time at ISU has prepared me for my future; after all, that’s the reason we all come to college in the first place, right? All too often, we can become so caught up in “the college experience” that we forget why we’re really here: to move forward. Your journey at ISU will challenge you to grow, help you discover your passions, introduce you to lifelong friends, and ultimately equip you to step into your future with confidence. I’m not just talking about the countless ways that college will prepare you for your career, either. I believe that my journey at Idaho State University has provided me with the tools and preparation to be successful in every aspect of my future. Today, I’m going to share just a few of the outstanding ways that being a Bengal has encouraged me to become successful both in and out of the classroom. I hope that these will encourage you to look for opportunities to make the most out of your time at ISU and move forward confidently into your future!


Diligence. Isn’t that word just . . . frustrating? The word is drenched in the expectation of personal responsibility, and sometimes I just don’t want to face my own accountability. College is a wonderful time to explore independence; sometimes we like to take our independence for granted by staying up until 3am, eating cereal for every single meal of the day, or skipping out on a study group so that we can properly enjoy twelve straight hours of binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix. Ultimately, though, college is about preparation for the future. I am grateful for the times that I said “No” to a midnight run to Taco Bell so that I could get the sleep I needed before a big test because my future self will benefit from the diligence I have right now. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun, hang out with friends, and take a break from school; however, don’t compromise your future simply because you want to have fun right now. Study well, eat some vegetables, go to class, and practice diligence now. Taco Bell will always be there. Your best friends will be there to encourage your diligence and celebrate your successes. I have truly learned so much at Idaho State, and I am proud of the times that I exercised diligence in my studies. I can already see my future self thanking me for taking responsibility today, and that makes practicing diligence all the more rewarding.


Support. I am the youngest child in my family, and I was excited about leaving for college because I would get to be completely independent and take care of myself. To be perfectly honest, I took for granted the support that I had from my caring parents and encouraging sister. I was so ready to be on my own that I couldn’t see how important a support system is to personal, academic, and professional success. Fortunately, my family stayed by my side–even when I pushed away–and supported me as I navigated the adult world. Idaho State also gave me countless systems of support for which I am constantly grateful. My academic advisors were there for me to create an academic schedule that fit my needs. My professors were there to challenge me to think and learn in new ways, and they always welcomed my many questions. Upperclassmen were kind and excited to help me become a part of the Bengal community. My on-campus jobs connected me to faculty who truly sought to prepare me for the professional workforce while encouraging me to make my studies a priority. My friends kept my spirits high and reminded me to step away from my stress to enjoy this time. My now fiance was a consistent source of reassurance and care, and I could not be more grateful to have met such an amazing man here.  As my collegiate journey comes to a close this year, I am thankful now more than ever for the support system I created in every area of my life. One of the most critical lessons I learned at college is that being independent is not the same as being alone. You are not alone. Idaho State is full of people and resources to help you be successful here and in the future. And, if you find yourself struggling to find your support system, I’m here for you! We’re all Bengals here, and we’re all here to make the most of this collegiate journey. Build yourself up on a foundation of the support readily available. Great support will carry you into a bright and hopeful future.


Pride. My favorite thing about being at Idaho State University is being a Bengal. I’ve had amazing academic opportunities, developed as a professional, made amazing friends, and learned so much about myself. But, the best thing about ISU is simply being proud to be here. College is a privilege that not everyone gets to experience; simply having the opportunity to attend ISU is such an honor that we should not take for granted. Go to the football games, and cheer on the team! Win or lose, our athletes represent the spirit of our school, and they deserve the support of their peers who are proud to be Bengals. Go watch a symphony concert or attend a play. Just as you receive support from others here, take time to support your fellow Bengals. Take pride in yourself, and take pride in Idaho State. What a wonderful chance you have to leave your legacy at this incredible institution! Make the most of your time here, and be proud to call yourself a Bengal. You are joining over 100 years of students who did their best, helped each other, advocated for education, and carried their passions into their futures. I am proud to have attended Idaho State, I am proud of my education, I am proud of my accomplishments here, and I am proud to be a Bengal! I believe that the spirit we cultivate here will set a standard of passion and drive in our futures. Your time here is the season of preparation for all that your future may hold; that’s powerful, and that’s exciting! Take pride in every opportunity and every experience you encounter, and carry the spirit of being a Bengal with you always.


Even though my own New Student Orientation experience was three years ago, NSO is one of my favorite parts of every year. Orientation is your first opportunity to establish your presence on campus, begin creating your ISU support system, ask questions, set your priorities, and take pride in being a Bengal. I am thankful for everything that Idaho State gave me to be successful; I feel prepared for my career, supported by my family and friends, proud of my school, and excited for my future. I hope you all will look forward to your NSO experience as more than simply the first step into an amazing journey at ISU; this is the first step of your future. Welcome to the family, Bengals!




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