The Road that led me to Idaho State

Getting an education was never a part of my plan. I grew up thinking that I was not “college material.” I watched my sister go for half of a semester before she came to the same conclusion as my mother did nearly twenty years earlier: people like us do not go to college. In my junior year of high school, a TRIO adviser challenged me to go to college. As a result, I became a TRIO Educational Talent Search student and my adviser helped me realize that I needed to do more in life than go through the motions of what I thought people wanted me to do.


As a result, I switched from CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and health care classes my senior year, and instead enrolled in all dual-credit classes. I had always planned on getting my CNA as a ‘fallback plan’ but I never felt passionate about healthcare. One of the classes I enrolled in was AP Government,  which is where I fell in love with the law and the court system. I decided I would be a lawyer, and to this day my intentions have not wavered.

Realizing TRIO could help me get there, I immersed myself in the college experience two weeks after high school graduation as part of TRIO SSS Bridge at Idaho State. Bengal Bridge gave me the opportunity to start college two weeks following my high school graduation. I started at Idaho State with 19 credits and a fresh conception of my own ability to accomplish what once seemed impossible. On the second day of the fall semester, I declared my major in Political Science with the intention of going to Law School following my undergraduate degree.

ISU gave me an environment to find where I wanted to be and ignited my passion for learning. I didn’t know that I could do it until I realized that I had a community rallying behind me. I was the first one in my family to go to college, and I had no idea what it would look like for me to take on such a feat.




One thing I have learned in my academic career is that so often people do not think that they have a voice until they are given a platform to stand on that gives them volume. In my career, I want to give the quiet and the voiceless volume. TRIO gave me volume even when I preferred to be quiet. In my experience it only takes one. One program changed my path, One class period changed my passion, and one person changed my thinking. Starting college is a huge step and can unfold differently for everyone. However you find yourself at Idaho State, I would encourage that you embrace whatever steps it took for you to get there. Everyone has a different experience and can bring different things to the table. You will have a unique experience that only enriches your experience as a Bengal, so always remember your personal road to Idaho State University.



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