Bengals! It is almost July, which means it is almost time for another semester at ISU! We are so excited, and thought we would dedicate this weeks Tuesday Tips on how to set up your planner for the semester.

So, first off, select the right planner for your lifestyle. Do you want a calendar planner, a week by week planer, a little bit of both? Well, that is the first step in setting up your agenda for the year. Picking the right planner seriously makes a world of difference. There are a ton of websites like Plum Paper, and Erin Condren that allow you to completely customize your planner for your lifestyle (we provided helpful links to customized planners at the bottom of the post). So select the right planner, so you can start the semester feeling confident in your choices.

Second, mark your personal events and milestones. Here, you can write down people’s birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, and anything that is important that you may not remember. Writing these in your planner will help for unnecessary stress down the road.

Third, write down important school events. Write down when midterms and finals week are, write down holidays and vacations, write down registration dates and financial aid deadlines. Literally, jot down all school related events. This will help you prepare for big tests, holidays, and crucial dates like financial aid and registration.

Fourth, write down your class and work schedule. Writing down your schedule will not only help you remember it, but it will also give you a point of reference in case you get lost, or forget your schedule. Write down the time and location of your class so you know exactly where to go and when to get there. This can also help you prepare for when to do homework, and when to relax and watch some Netflix.

Finally, mark your class deadlines. First of all, we suggest doing this in pencil, in case things change. But, when professors give out a syllabus, often times they give out a calendar of homework and important test dates. Writing these down can help you prepare for them, and keep you on track in the class. This is so important in order to stay caught up in the class, and stay caught up in your life.


We hope you have found these five tips helpful! If you can think of any more, please drop them in the comments!

PS: we love new Bengals.