Happy Friday Bengals! Today’s Friday Favorite is about one of orientations favorite resources on Campus: Benny’s Pantry!

So what is Benny’s Pantry? It is an on campus food resource that helps students who cannot afford a full grocery trip. Benny’s pantry helps to supplement items that students may not be able to afford in order to help alleviate food insecurity on campus.

ISU recognized the need to have a resource like Benny’s Pantry, and have been helping students since they opened in 2016.

Benny’s Pantry is also a great place to volunteer. Volunteering there one of the many great opportunities to give back to the campus. If you are interested in volunteering, simply go online to isu.edu/pantry, fill out the form, and head in for a scheduled time. There will be a ten minute training session, and then you will be able to volunteer during Benny’s hours of operation.

When are they open? Their hours are Monday’s from noon to 2:00 and from 4:00 to 6:00, Wednesday’s from 4:00-6:00 and on Thursday’s from noon to 2:00.

Benny’s Pantry is located in the PSUB building next to the craft center in the game center, so go check it out because it is a fantastic resource and a wonderful volunteer opportunity.