The Tuesday Tip from today shows a little of our bias. Today, the tip is to SIGN UP FOR NSO!! NSO is a fantastic way to get to know ISU before school starts, a great way to meet new people, meet your professors and classmates, as well as get to know some of the fantastic traditions that our university has to offer.

One thing that we find a lot of students say is that the transition from high school to college is tougher than they imagined it would be. Our NSO program is designed to make the transition easier on our new students. You will find answers to your questions, as well as build up your network of resources to help you find answers to other questions as they come up during your first year.

We, as orientation coordinators and leaders, look forward to meeting all of you!

To sign up for NSO, go to, click on Student Sign-Up and fill out the form there. If you want family or other guests to come, please click on family and guest sign up to fill out the form associated with that.