Hello, new Bengals! My name is Abby Latta, and today I have the pleasure of sharing my Road to ISU with all of you. I am entering my Junior year of college in the Fall, and am majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and a minor in Spanish Education. So far, ISU has given me the greatest friends I could ask for, an education that I care about, and a support system that other larger universities probably could not have offered me. I love ISU, and I am ecstatic for all of you new bengals to grow into loving ISU as well.


So, what brought me to this incredible campus? Well, honestly, I love the location, I love the campus, and this town–it may surprise you–is actually really fun.


Let’s start at the beginning:


I grew up in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, and graduated in 2015 with a whopping eight people in my senior class. Yes, you read that correctly: eight people. I was super fortunate growing up in such a small town because I made a network of friends and family that made it hard to leave. However, I also knew I needed to branch out a little bit and go somewhere that could  offer me more support. So, I toured ISU.


How did that go?

Well, let me tell you:

My first thought was about how anxious I felt about being on such a seemingly large campus.  Little did I know that I would grow to find this campus to be the perfect size for a thriving student. I pride myself on being an academically driven student–mostly because my coordination skills are lacking in the extreme so the whole sport thing never really worked out for me (boy did I try though)–ISU’s campus offers so many resources for academics that I couldn’t help but love the campus. There are countless resource centers–not to mention the countless beautiful sunsets–and countless opportunities to better oneself academically.  

You may be asking yourself why you would care about this? Here’s why: the resources here are free, and the first step to college success is having a campus that encourages it.


When I was preparing to come to college, I was terrified of going far away. I have always been incredibly attached to my family–if you knew how cool they were you would understand–so when choosing college options, I stuck with in-state colleges. I was not about to leave my family, and ISU seemed just far enough away to still be able to visit on weekends while also being independent. I know most freshman are so excited to leave their families, but let me tell you, having an entire support system two and a half hours away has aided me in my college career. This is because it is nice to have people close who constantly encourage my success…I wouldn’t be here without my family, and neither would anyone else, so remember that, because going to a university that is close to home, can actually be amazingly rewarding.


My last and final reason for choosing ISU was the support system that ISU offers. They have over 100 clubs on campus, and the student involvement here was made evident to me during my college tour. While I was feeling like I was going to get lost on this “monumental” campus, I asked my Ambassador about making friends here, and she told me that ISU valued student involvement on campus, which I found to be true. Her tour always came back to the idea that ISU is a diverse, holistic campus that encouraged growth and active students. I was sold…this was going to become my new home for the next four years.


And it has been the most humbling, exciting, and rewarding decision I have made. I chose ISU for its location, campus, and support, and I gained those three things,along with a family, a home, and memories that I will never forget.


I am so proud to be a bengal, and I am almost jumping out of my seat with enthusiasm to welcome all of you new Bengals.





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