Hello Bengals! While it is only June, we thought it necessary to dedicate this week’s Tuesday Tips to how to succeed in college. We decided on this because we figure it is never too soon to be getting prepared for success, so without further adieu, here are five of our favorite tips in how to succeed in college:


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help


If you’re struggling, ask for help. One of the really incredible things about college is that there are endless resources that are there to help you. There are tutoring centers, diversity resource centers, disability centers, and counseling centers, that are free to use. All of those places are there for you, so why not utilize it?

  • Get to know your professors

Your professors are the people who have connections in your program and in the university, so get to know them. Ask questions in class, be an active student. Professors see that, and they want you to succeed, so get to know them. Professors all have scheduled office hours, which is time they have set aside to help students. Take advantage of that.

  • Take your syllabus seriously

At the beginning of every semester, your professors will hand you a syllabus that outlines their classroom procedures, and what they’re expecting from you in regards to homework. A syllabus is so valuable because it tells you everything you need to know about the class you’re in, and it allows you to plan ahead with important dates, so take it seriously, because your professors will follow it.

  • Don’t compare your timeline to others

Some people graduate in three years with honors, some do it in six with an average GPA. Both paths are completely normal, so whatever timeline you have for graduation, don’t compare it to others. Your timeline is what works for you, and it is what will help you succeed, so own it.

  • Don’t skip classes

College is different than high school in that, you choose whether or not you go to class. This can make skipping class seem easy, and like it isn’t a big deal, but it is.Skipping class is a habit that we would not recommend starting because missing information in class can lead to other problems down the road, and some of the best success comes from creating a routine where you attend all of your classes, every day.