As you walk through Idaho State’s campus there are a few things that might catch your eye, Holt Arena’s domed roof in the distance, the giant bengal eyes on the side of Rendezvous, and the copious amount of green space the campus has to offer. One thing however, that we find to be far underrated, is the bronze bengal that sits on the quad just outside the student union building.

That Bronze Bengal has only been on campus since 2012, but it has quickly become one of the most recognized pieces of art on campus. ASISU allotted funds for a bronze bengal to be made, then called for ideas and artists to send in their proposals. A local artist, Malynda Cooper, submit the design that would soon be outside of the student union building.

Throughout the last five years the bronze bengal has remained a symbol of school spirit, appearing in hundreds of photos of students. Not to mention, the bronze bengal has been a statement piece used in advertising various holidays and fundraisers.  

At New Student Orientation, take some time to walk by this statue, maybe take a selfie by it (or with it!) and see if it helps you feel more connected to Idaho State.

PS props to you bronze bengal for staying so photogenic after all these years!