First of all, welcome to Idaho State University’s New Student Orientation Blog! We are so excited to kick off this blog with our Tuesday Tips column. Our tips this week are about the top 10 things to do the summer before college. We realize that you probably just had an incredible last year of high school. You had the opportunity to dance the night away at prom, the chance to have an incredible year with friends, and made the wonderful decision to attend Idaho State University. So, you might be feeling like “now what?” Well, here is what we found to be the most helpful things to do before you make the move to our campus.


  • Spend time with family and friends

The excitement and anticipation of meeting new people is one of the best parts about starting college. But, before getting too apprehensive about that, spend time with your family and friends. Spending time with your friends is extremely important before going to college. In the fall, you will likely go separate ways, so take the time to create as many more memories as you can. As far as family goes, hang out with them as much as possible, because come Fall, missing them will occupy an entire portion of your brain.


  • Contact your roommatefriends


Being best friends with your roommate is not something that you should stress about. You guys don’t have to be BFF’s. However, getting to know your roommate and becoming friends will be helpful in the long run. Sharing the same space with someone AND getting along with them will really help you succeed in your first year of college. Call them to go to lunch or facetime before move-in-day. This way you can discuss interests, school, and perhaps most importantly rules and expectations. This will help make your move a million times less awkward.


  • Road trip with your friends


Again, you are about to transition from seeing your friends every day to going separate ways. So, why not road trip? A road trip could be as small as driving two hours away for the weekend. Spend some time together in a car laughing and having fun before you depart on a new life chapter. Afterall, what better way to start college than by ending summer with a new adventure


  • Organize everything


Personally, this was one of my favorite tips. Organizing can help keep you sane. To me, it is most important to organize your room, social media, and wardrobe. Why? Well, having an organized room will give you more of an insight as to what to take to college with you. An organized social media is crucial because college opens windows of opportunity, and it is important to be prepared for future employers to look through your social media. Finally, wardrobe is important in college. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweats and my leggings, but it is also valuable to look professional for possible internships and let’s face it, what a good excuse to go shopping.


  • Have funhave fun


Through this article, remember to have fun. It is called summer vacation after all. A lot of students work over the summer, and I am not saying you shouldn’t, but don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Read books, watch Netflix, binge eat your family meals, do nothing, take time to relax, go swimming, go to the movies…you get it. Do anything! Because now is the time to have the most fun before starting a brand new chapter.


  • Become familiar with your college town


I love this option because I had a great time exploring the town of Pocatello. I found some of the best ice cream (a must for rough days), the cutest antique store (another must for the way I decorate), and McKees…AKA the pet store. McKees has tons of animals to hold, and a petting zoo, none of which I would have come across without exploration. Similarly, I found some of my favorite coffee shops for studying and the best stores around town that give student discounts (yes, those stores will save your bank account). So, become familiar with your college town, because you’ll be there for the next four years.


  • Eat at your favorite local restaurants


If there is any food craving that is the hardest to satisfy, it is the one food craving from that one restaurant in your hometown. So, fill up on that now. Eat as much of it as you can. In fact, invite your friends, and hang out with them and catch up with them while you’re at it. Trust me, the local food will be something to be missed, and is a definite necessity for the summer before leaving.


  • Figure out how you want to decorate your dorm dorm


Your dorm room is going to be your own space for the next year (years?) to come. So why not make a plan to decorate it? Aside from painting, you can decorate your dorm in whatever crazy or simple ways you want. Having a plan for decorating will make moving in, arranging, and shopping easier. Plus, it is tne of the first ways of getting excited to live on campus. Print off pictures, buy lights, buy posters, frame a jersey…anything you want!


  • Register for New Student Orientation (NSO) 

I know, I know, you’re thinking I wrote this because we host New Student Orientation. While, that might make me biased about how much I love NSO, it does not change how important the program is for you as a new student. NSO is where new Bengals meet other new students who often become their newest and closest friends. NSO is where new Bengals get

march2.jpgacquainted with the campus and resources. NSO is where new Bengals have a blast with fun social activities and campus traditions like March Through the Arch. NSO is the first step in learning how to thrive on your new campus. Every college’s New Student Orientation is tailored specifically for student integration on that campus, so why not go? New Student Orientation is automatically included within your new student fees, but sign-up for it TODAY at We assure you, it is always a blast.


  • Get Inspired


Something incredible about college is that it allows you to start the process of becoming who you want to be in life. This is the time to really focus on finding yourself (I know how cliche that sounds) and focusing on your goals. Find quotes that make you feel inspired to be you, take some classes that are “just for fun”, always stay true to you, and you will succeed. The next few years of your education are designed to be shaped around what you want, so why not shape the rest of your life to be what you want as well? So get inspired to come and be who you want to be.

These ten tips are what I have found to be some of my favorite tips for college success, especially for Idaho State University. This being said, there are a ton of other online articles with more tips and tricks. Again, from all of us on the New Student Orientation team, welcome to our blog, and we cannot wait for you to start college at ISU (Go Bengals!). We look forward to sharing our summer blogs with you. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SnapChat!