“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” -John F. Kennedy

Greetings, New Bengals!

Just a couple weeks until we get to meet you! Things are ramping up on our end, and we just can’t wait to welcome you to ISU’s campuses!

This week, we wanted to share some knowledge about the Associated Students of Idaho State University, or, ISU’s student government segment. There are many ways to engage across campus, but hearing about them through your peers is our top priority! Below we feature a student government representative and Orientation team member!

ASISU Vice President and New Student Orientation Coordinator for Marketing and Social Media Outreach, Dez Ruiz, shares some insight:

“We’re focusing on five goals this year, rebranding us [student government], increasing transparency, increasing involvement, increasing pride, and increasing communication.”

ASISU President Makayla and Dez have met with all different departments, colleges, and student groups this summer to find solutions to get even more students involved in campus life. They’ve also met with those who have brought concerns to ASISU attention. Essentially, this summer has been devoted to ensuring ASISU is starting the year strong and serving students. The heart of ASISU is hearing from the students, lending an ear. 

“We’re REALLY excited about an upcoming project called the BLOCK- a sort of fandomonium experience- begun by Admissions representative Craig Joseph. It’s getting Bengal pride out of a lull and gathering others from across the University like SAB [Student Activities Board], Greek Life, New Student Orientation, and  ASISU and tackling apathy by encouraging Bengal Wednesdays and even motivation by gratis gifts for Bengal support! Makayla and I even get to use the SAB golf cart and wear our Bengal onesies! This is all about branding and associating ourselves by traditonalizing and normalizing school pride. We’re all in the same family.”

I asked Dez to share a couple memories about discovering her Bengal pride:

Favorite part about being a Bengal: “You always have something in common with a stranger. You get to know their story as a part of yours; everyone has  unique motivator to be the best possible version of themselves, and that’s so beautiful, especially as a strong non-traditional campus. We get to celebrate our differences, and still unite as Bengals.”

Moment when I truly felt like a Bengal: “When I went home for the first time, after normalizing ISU into my life, and just going back to my home and realizing the significant role ISU held in my life, who I wanted to become, and how I was prioritizing myself as a Bengal. I met some high schoolers and I basically gave a sales pitch on ISU and how it’s the best place ever! I was like…Did I just recruit other people for ISU? So, now, whenever I have a chance to promote ISU, I take it and run with it! That’s why I became a part of the governing body- I want ISU going places. I also have the chance to enable outreach through marketing and social media as an Orientation Coordinator!”

So often we’re overcome with the pressures of family and school, and so being a part of a larger cause, a higher purpose and goal can really be beautiful. Click here to find out more about ASISU! Remember that ISU’s “Own Your Stripes” theme this year is a challenge to you all to show your school pride and excitement! Will you rise to that challenge? #OwnYourStripes