New Student Picture from 2015 NSO! Courtesy of isu.edu

During your time at college, you will encounter so many wonderful individuals that are NOTHING like you are, and you know what’s cool? That is okay. Diversity is a beautiful thing, my friends! In fact, one of the greatest things about coming to college is entering a diverse population of students. Throughout your education as a Bengal, you will hear the word “diverse,” over and over again, but exactly is it?

Diversity is a term that covers anything from disabilities, veteran status, cultural difference, lived experiences, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and much, much more!

You will constantly be exposed to new things, and learning to have an open mind about them is an essential life skill. This by no means implies you have to completely change your beliefs, or who you are, but you will find that interacting and learning more about diversity may give you a new perspective on certain things.

Being exposed to different cultures helps you increase your knowledge on different subjects and cultures. You will learn an abundance of information about things you never knew about! You will also further social development and communication skills. Not every person uses the same mannerisms as you do to get their point across. All of this makes you more self-aware and most importantly, prepares you to work in society on a global scale.

At Idaho State University, there are so many resources to help all of our students feel welcome and find the support they need.

The Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity Office makes sure that Idaho State University is safe and respectful in the learning and working environment. This office oversees both the Diversity Resource Center and Gender Resource Center. They also have an ISU Diversity Council in place to foster a supportive and inclusive environment at Idaho State University.

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The outside of the Diversity Resource Center! 

The Diversity Resource Center, is located in the Rendezvous, room 129. Its goal is to “to enrich appreciation, respect, and understanding of cultures, ethnicities, religious ideologies, gender, age, geographic locations, and all peoples on the campus of Idaho State University.” Program Coordinator, Ram Eddings, can be contacted at 208-282-3142, or you can always stop by the center.

The Gender Resource Center provides support for students through educational programming and the Green Dot program! You can stop by their office located in the Rendezvous, room 325.

Throughout New Student Orientation, you will be introduced and spend time with individuals of all kinds! The friendships that you make, will help you learn and appreciate each other’s differences. What you’ll come to understand is that being a Bengal means #owningyourstripes. In other words, be proud of where you came from, and the identity you have, there is literally no one quite like you!