As a City, we’d like to welcome our newest Bengals to Pocatello. Whether you’re moving to the Gate City or just moving out of mom and dad’s, this could be your first time interacting with some of our City services.

Depending on your living arrangements, you may need to set up an account with the City‘s Utility Billing Department. Your utility bill includes the charges for water, sewer, and garbage collection. Some landlords cover this. Others don’t so double check your rental agreement to see who’s footing the bill. If you need to set up an account, you’ll need to fill out an application for service, bring a copy of your lease, copies of the driver licenses of everyone on the lease, and pay a $65 deposit. Your due date on the bill depends on where you live and one of the department’s customer service representatives can let you know when you need to pay. Also, your bill will vary month to month depending on your usage.

Pocatello Regional Transit is the City’s public transportation provider and has five year-round fixed routes that serve Pocatello and Chubbuck. Starting August 22, five more routes return to service that primarily serve the needs of students. If you’re going to ride, there’s a few easy steps to catch a bus: decide when you need to arrive at your destination, find the stop closest to you, look at or call 234-ABUS (2287) to see when the bus arrives at your stop (you should arrive at the stop a couple minutes early), and have exact change for your fare. Fares for students are 50 cents, but if you stay on the ISU campus, the ride is free. Lastly, if you need to transfer to a different bus and have questions, ask the driver when you pay.

If you’ve got to jet out of Pocatello, Pocatello Regional Airport currently offers three weekday flights and two weekend flights in and out of Pocatello. You’ll want to get to the airport an hour before your flight to ensure enough time to check in. The Transportation Security Agency is constantly revamping boarding procedures; you can double-check what is currently allowed on a flight at

Some of you may want a furry-friend to accompany you on your journey through higher education. We’d like to stress that a dog, cat, or any animal for that matter is a lifelong commitment. Before you plunge headfirst into being a pet parent, we’d like to recommend volunteering at the Pocatello Animal Shelter. Potentially, you could improve the lives of hundreds of animals without all the responsibility that comes with adoption. But, if you’re up to the commitment, adoptions are $95 for cats and $120 for dogs and you’ll need to provide your driver’s license.

These are just a few of the departments you’ll probably run into during your education career here in Pocatello. The City’s website,, is a great resource that can answer most City questions but if you need to talk to someone, give our information desk a call at 234-6582. We’ll get you to the right person.

Good luck to you as you start your academic career at Idaho State. We’re glad you chose to call Pocatello home and wish you nothing but success in the future. Go Bengals!