shapeimage_1Outer Limits Fun Zone offers a variety of fun for all ages! There’s everything from collecting as many tickets as possible at the arcade, or fun sized bowling with your friends.

Area 51 Arcade:
There’s over 100 arcade games for anyone to enjoy! There’s a flight simulator which allows players to experience wild roller coaster rides. All of these games give you the opportunity to redeem tickets for different prizes!

GORILLAGOLF.jpgBlack Light Mini Golf:
This indoor mini golf course has 9 holes. There’s a variety of different animals and murals. Props feature life size animals such as: gorillas, elephants, dinosaurs and more! 3-D glasses are available if players want a completely different experience.

Laser tag:
The entire arena is divided into two teams, but four teams can play during the 45 time period. The arena is full of ramps, obstacles and so many places for team members to hide! The arena has black light illusions and space murals to make this experience out of this world.

Mini Bowling:
Black light bowling is offered as well! There’s no need for bowling shoes, and the balls are super light, weighing only five pounds.

Monday – Thursday
3 PM to 10 PM

Friday & Saturday
11 AM to 11 PM

11 AM to 6 PM


Lazer tag:
$10 player

Mini Golf:
$5.95 for the course

100 tokens for $20

Mini bowling:
$2 for 5 lanes
$5 for ten lanes

For any questions, feel free to call: 208-232-7529
Or you can stop by at: 1800 Garrett  Way