In order to make your soon to be home, feel like home, you should add a few things to those empty walls! Of course, there’s the typical poster route, or even the photo frames of you and the besties. However, there’s also super easy do it yourself decorations that can help you kill some time this summer and customize your future home!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Letter Monogram
Courtesy of Pinterest

Letter Monogram
Items needed:
Large Wooden Letter
Fake flowers
Hot Glue gun
Hot Glue

How to:
If needed, take off flowers from the stem.
Attach flowers to the wooden letter using the hot glue gun.
Make sure that the entire wooden letter is covered.
On the back of the letter, glue your string to make it easy to hang.

clothesline hanger
Courtesy of Her Campus

Clothesline Picture Hanger
Items Needed:
Tape / Pushpin / Security hooks
*depends on your dorm wall/rules

Decide where on your wall to drape a clothesline or two. Use the tape/pushpin/security hook to secure it. Hang your pictures using the clothespin!

world map
Courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks

World Map
Items Needed:
World Map
3 Large Canvases
Mod Podge

How to:
Lay the world map over the 3 canvases.
Cut into three pieces.
Coat the canvas with mod podge and lay the map facing up on top. Wrap the map around canvases like presents.
Let them dry.

Dry Erase BoardDry Erase Board
*Can be used as a to-do list, daily reminders or small notes!
Items needed:
12 by 12 picture frame with a glass front
Piece of patterned scrapbook paper
Dry Erase Marker

Put your patterned paper inside the frame.
Replace the back.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, use google or Pinterest as a guide. There’s a wide variety of ideas waiting to be done.