moc_logo_horizontalThe Museum of Clean has something for the entire family! It prides itself on being “not your average” museum experience. This museum is dedicated to helping everyone understanding the value of cleanliness and how it affects our everyday lives. Their mission is to “expand the scope of clean into areas like clean homes, clean minds, clean language, clean community, and a clean world.”

It has a variety of exhibits on clean history. It has over 1,000 vacuums from the 19th century. There’s an exhibit based on the military, sharing fun facts like how American soldiers often used their helmets for washing, bathing, shaving, and cooking. You can also see old school washers and the amount of muscle required to get this dirty job done. There’s even an entire vintage garage waiting to be explored!

Courtesy of NSO intern,  Magnolia! 

Some key exhibits feature: Noah’s Ark, Old City, Pacific Barrier Reef, Old Store, and Texas-Sized Trash Can. Old City allows you to travel back in time and explore the inside of old chimneys and how to sweep them. You will also be blown away by the health hazards that presented themselves everywhere through vermin, disease, and chaotic waste disposal.

The Old Store display is a 1900 era store with products featuring what was used “back in the day,” and what they would have cost. There’s a variety of items on display such as chemicals, machines, antiques, tools, and more.
One of the most fascinating exhibits is Texas-Sized Trash Can. This a visual representation on waste and what society can do to help.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Kids: $5
Adults: $6
Family: $20
(2 Adults & 3 Children)

Address: 711 S 2nd Avenue
Phone: 208-235-6906