Without a doubt, one of the best things about college is the freedom. There are so many opportunities to do whatever you would like, without your parents telling you no. As unappealing and weird as it may seem, involving your parents in your college experience is something that will help you succeed, AND, it’s a lot easier than you may think!

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Talk to Your Parents/ Guardians
Regardless of how close you may identify with your parents, call them. Catch up with them. Let them know how you’re doing, how classes are going, meals you’ve eaten, and just let them know you are okay.

More importantly, ask about their lives, too. We often forget that our guardians have their own life, their own interests and hobbies.

Be Honest
I cannot emphasize this enough.

Don’t hide any instance of getting in trouble with the law/ university.
Don’t wait to tell your parents you’re failing until it’s too late.
Don’t hide your grades from them.
Don’t wait to tell them how much tuition/fees must be paid until the day before fees are due.
Don’t hide your homesickness.

Hiding these things from your parents will only make them angry. Being honest with them about these issues will make them realize your honest effort to handle “adult” matters; they might be able to provide the necessary help you need to get through the situation.

Go Home (Once in a While)
Going home for the first time will be a weird experience for all parties involved. Your parents might be surprised at your new habits or personality changes. Likewise, you’ll realize the difference in independence between college and home.

Aside from the great homecooked food, full-sized bed, going home is a great way to stay connected with your parents without going overboard.

Whether it’s through a phone call with your siblings, a quick e-mail to your guardian, keeping your family involved is something incredibly easy to do.

Be sure to invite them to Idaho State University’s Family Weekend to give them the opportunity to meet the rest of your Bengal family!