One of the things you’ll hear a lot during your first year is the “Freshman 15.” Much like cumulative final exams, nothing strikes more fear in a young college students heart more like gaining the famous freshman 15. Lucky for you, here’s some tips to avoid gaining those extra pounds.

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Don’t Skip Breakfast!
It’s the most important meal of the day for a good reason. Breakfast literally wakes you up by providing energy to the brain and muscles. There’s no better way than to prepare for a busy day, than to stop by Turner’s cafeteria, get some scrambled eggs and head off to class. If you don’t have time to stop by the cafeteria, stock up on greek yogurt, fruit, or granola bars.

Be Wary of the Cafeteria
Speaking of Turner… Just because you have unlimited options to eat at Turner, doesn’t mean you need to indulge in every, single one, each time. Although pizza is delicious, pizza and ice cream every single night will catch up to you very quickly. You can eat anything you would like, but moderation is key. Being slightly picky is a good thing when it comes to deciding what you put in your body.

Hit up Reed Gym

Now, I’m not saying you have to be apart of the #FitFam but, going to the gym, where you have a FREE membership, at least twice a week can make a serious difference when it comes to the college diet. Even if you only have thirty minutes of free time, go to the gym and run on the treadmill. If you’re a type of person that needs to schedule fitness in, take a class!

ISU offers a variety of different fitness courses such as: spinning, zumba, kickboxing, self-defense, jogging, tone and conditioning and much more! If this is still too much, make it a goal to hike to ISU’s famous pillars three times a week. Grab a friend and go!

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Drink Water
Drinking eight glasses of water probably will not lead you to dropping six sizes instantly, but water is necessary to your body. It helps boost your metabolism, keeps headaches and fatigue away and helps you feel fuller.

College will come with a few sleepless nights, but do not make this a daily thing. Sleep is absolutely essential to your well-being. Sleep deprivation leads to a slower metabolism, difficulty focusing and will also cause you to drink more sugary drinks in order to keep going. Don’t be afraid to ask your dorm/ apartment neighbors to keep it down in order to get those much needed zzzz’s.

Don’t Drink Your Calories
For all of my “of age” Bengals, keep in mind how many calories all of your alcohol contains. “Beer gut/belly” is a real thing, my friends. Most of the weight gained throughout college is due to binge drinking, be it alcoholic or in your caffeinated sodas.

Even if you end up gaining the Freshman 15, you can always make a new goal of not gaining the Freshmen 50.