Lava Hot Springs is a place which is great yearround. Need to relax those muscles during the summer? Go to Lava Hot Springs! Want to escape Idaho’s freezing winter? Go to Lava Hot Springs!

Courtesy of Lava Hot Springs

The mineral pools are WORLD FAMOUS! The water comes from natural underground springs, but has no sulfur or bad odor attached! Water is constantly being diverted into the Portneuf River in order to keep the hot springs as clean as possible. There are five outdoor pools in total that reach up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that’s a little too steamy for you, there’s a “cool” hot spring available that only reaches 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This 20,000 gallon hot pool has a wraparound deck, a shower, and canopies to keep elements like sun and rain away.

There are heated sidewalks and dressing room floors that keep the walk to the dressing room warm, even when there are freezing temperatures.

If you need a swimsuit, towel, or locker, LHS offers affordable rentals for under ten dollars!

GardensIf you’re looking for a view, or simply something to do before or after the hot springs, Lava Sunken Gardens are just off of main street. These gardens are free to everyone. These gardens offer a peaceful view of wildlife, flowers and nature.

You can watch a short informational video about Lava Hot Springs below:

May 1 to September 30:
8 AM – 11 PM

October 1 to April 30:
9 AM – 10 PM

Monday- Thursday:
Ages 12-59: $6.00

Single Entry
Ages 12-59: $8.00
All Day