Whether you’re a native to the Pocatello area or a new member of the community, there are so many resources available to students! Even outside of Idaho State University, the Pocatello community has incredible tools to help all of its community members.

Bengal Pharmacy & Health Clinic
Idaho State University has it’s very own pharmacy and clinic where students can visit the doctor and pick up medication at an incredibly affordable price! Services such as: x-rays, ultrasound, contraceptive services, light therapy, and more are offered at the clinic!

The clinic is open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s open from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

For more questions or to schedule an appointment:
Phone: 208-282-2330

The pharmacy is located on the top floor of the Health Center Building.

It’s open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Pharmacy Phone: 208-282-3407

Faith Listing:
ISU offers a variety of faith communities on campus!
Check out the link below for a full list.


Pocatello Regional Airport

Located at 1950 Airport Way, the Pocatello Regional Airport offers flights to almost any international airport through Delta Airlines.

Questions or concerns?
Call: 208-234-6154
E-mail: AirportInfo@Pocatello.us
Website: IFlyPocatello.com

Pocatello Regional Transit

Routes begin at a range of different locations such as: ISU Student Union, ISU Health Center, Westwood Mall, Marshall Public Library, and much more!

Students can purchase affordable transportation at the following rates:
Day Fares: $0.50
Student Monthly Pass: $15.00
Student Trimester Pass $32.00
Student Semester Pass $48.00
Ticket Book (40 one-way tickets) $23.00

For more information about the transit, you can contact them at:
Phone: (208) 234-A-BUS (2287)
Email: prt@pocatello.us   
Website: http://pocatellotransit.com/fixed-route-services

Farmers Valley.jpgPortneuf Valley Farmers Market
Located at 420 N Main Street in Old Town, this is a must do in Pocatello. There’s no better place for fresh food and opportunities to meet Pocatello locals!

It’s open from the first Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Pocatello Health Department
Located at 1901 Alvin Ricken Drive, the Southeastern Idaho Public Health center is more than happy to help you and your family’s wellbeing.

A variety of services ranging from family planning, immunizations, contraception, HIV/AIDS testing and programs, lice, adolescent pregnancy and much more are available.

Phone:(208) 233-9080
Website: http://siphidaho.com/

Physicians Mental Health Services
Located at 495 Yellowstone Ave, these physicians serve individuals struggling with mental illness, who have emotional or behavioral issues in their communities, individuals with anger issues, self esteem problems and more!

You can call them at: 208-232-0021
Or you can visit their website at: http://pocatellopicc.com/mental-health.html

Pocatello Community Recreation Center

Located at 144 Wilson Avenue, you can find a variety of services available here, from a weight room, a swimming pool, rock climbing, fitness classes, and much more are offered!

Adults can come in for only $5 /day.

During the summer, it is open at the following hours:
Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 10 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM.

You can call about its summer activities at:

Phone: (208) 232-3901