Aloha! Bienvenue! Salutations! Konnichiwa! Marhaban! Howdy! Ni hao! Que pasa, New Bengals?!

At ISU, we invite you to come as you are. Our mission statement reads, “The University fosters a culture of diversity, and engages and impacts it communities through partnerships and services.” Demographic composition at ISU is varied, and that’s exciting!

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” -Forrest Gump

Everyone has identity. Everyone has culture. We at Idaho State University recognize and affirm this!  As part of New Student Orientation and the reception new students receive upon entrance to the campus community, we embrace, accept, and appreciate diversity of thought, appearance, and culture. We recognize that, as student affairs helpers, we have a wonderful opportunity to connect students with ongoing support services with the staff and students of this university. We believe it’s crucial to define our mission and allegiance to diversity and inclusivity clearly and immediately. You’ll sense our passion for difference before you even step foot onto campus. Success begins with community and a sense of belonging. ISU New Student Orientation wants to foster authentic inclusion and diversity. Here within the ISU community, we greatly value mentorship, advocacy, and ownership of the college experience. We encourage you to go outside your comfort zone at New Student Orientation with us and meet as many individuals as you can–how else do you find your new best friend? #bengalbesties

We want you to be able to access everything you have need of and have interest in! Let us assist you during your integration into our scholarly and ethical environment! We affirm your choice to come here, and we support you in your decision to transition into the college environment.

Here is a short list of the student organization resources we hope you’ll enjoy exploring online prior to attending New Student Orientation, and then again during the Involvement Fair on August 24! Follow the links below!

We also feature a plethora of academic and honorary associations, scholarly/written clubs, religious/ faith community organizations, Greek Life, sports clubs, other ethnicity-specific clubs, and hunting and fishing organizations!

We believe that if you judge a book by its cover, you’ll cut down your reading. We at ISU stand united! #ISUnited

Over the weeks leading up to New Student Orientation, stay tuned for for our daily blog posts (and for Mondays with Magnolia), in which I’ll highlight some student populations we love to serve!

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