Zoo Idaho opened in 1932, with only two animals on display: a female money named Josephine, and a raccoon named Pete. In the early 1930s, Idaho state Governor, Ben Ross, a former Pocatello mayor, managed to find funds to buy some land to create a park which would eventually become the home of Zoo Idaho.

ZOOIdahoLocated at Ross Park, this 25-acre zoo, has almost 30 exhibits displaying 145 animals! You can see everything from cougars and bobcats to bears and bison at Zoo Idaho! It was formerly called Pocatello Zoo, but they decided “Zoo Idaho” represents the zoo’s passion to housing multiple hurt and orphaned animals from the surrounding areas.

Zoo Idaho has events open to the community, year round! My favorites include:

Free Day at the Zoo, which takes place tomorrow, Saturday, June 11th! You can come down and watch all of the animals play and lounge in the sun.

Ice Cream Zoofari, on Saturday, August 20th. This family-friendly event includes all of my favorites: warm weather, all you can eat ice cream, and, of course, animals!

Zoo Boo, on Saturday, October 29th. It’s a giant party for animal lovers, filled with candy, fun costumes, and games!

Visiting Zoo Idaho is well within a college student’s budget at only $5.75 per adult. Children can enter for $3.75, and babies get in free!

In the summer, you can stop by any day from 10 AM to 5 PM.
During September through April, they’re open every weekend from 10 AM to 4 PM.

If you love animals and want an excuse to spend time with them, the zoo is the perfect place to volunteer, as well! There are so many opportunities available for those looking for an internship, hands-on experience with animal care, and furthering your education about wildlife.

For more information on how to get involved, or anything concerning Zoo Idaho, you can contact them at:

E-mail: yourzoo@pocatello.us
Address: 3101 Avenue of the Chiefs