ISUNSOHOLTGreetings, New Bengals!

My name is Magnolia, and I’m a graduate student intern for Idaho State University’s New Student Orientation programs (ISU NSO)! I wanted to offer up some insight I’ve gained into the new student orientation process and provide reasons why it’s so vital for you (and family, if possible) to attend! In this blog, I’ll discuss family inclusion, what you will learn, why I love NSO, and some sneak peeks at what fun you’ll have! Trust me, your orientation experience will be memorable throughout your time here at ISU, and beyond!

What You Will Learn (With Sneak Peeks)

Colleges and universities offer orientation as a way to welcome incoming students by familiarizing them with the location while orienting them to the plethora of  services and resources that are available on campus. College is a balance of challenge and support. You can’t truly learn, grow, or be of service to others without challenge, and you can’t survive stress alone, without support! College is a give and take–you must make out of your experience what you wish it to be! Orientation will help guide you to resources that you will both need and want to use as you progress on your journey to personal, academic, and professional success! Some of those resources include: the student success center, Greek Life, service learning opportunities, public safety, campus activities, Financial Aid, student health services, the Gender Resource Center, faith communities, and clubs and organizations of all kinds! Maybe you’ll even join our orientation team, one day! Whatever you do, be sure to ask questions–those aren’t just for your philosophy class!  

Now, onto the good stuff: for the entertainment sneak peeks, I’m just going to yell out random words. FOOD! SELFIES! BESTIES! Too vague? I said “peeks!” Don’t worry- you’ll hardly know how to sleep after orientation with us (Just kidding. We will definitely make sure you’re able to sleep before classes start!)!

Family Inclusion

Specifically in the last decade, parents too have joined with student affairs practitioners to invest their time in learning about the respective opportunities colleges provide incoming and current students. My thought is that you should absolutely include the family- let them orient themselves, too! Consider FERPA and other items that may concern your parents and family. It’ll be hard to be away from family, and they’ll miss you, too, so invite them along for informational and quality time purposes!

Why I Love NSO

Your first impression of campus is a sea of our huge, goofy smiles as we direct you to congregate for an initial welcome–it can be intimidating to notice a bunch of college kids and university staff gathering around you like ice cream on a hot summer’s day, but, trust me, we’re just so pleased you could make it! Student affairs employees (and faculty) LOVE new students! You’re truly incoming family members as new Bengals!

When I reflect on my own undergraduate orientation experience, it seemed like a blur: check-in, food, a funny welcome speech, food, tours, food, sessions, games, food, and more food! What truly sticks with me, though, is how invited I felt into the space of a new campus. I felt welcomed, warmed, and celebrated. That’s our goal for you all! We want to help acclimate you to our campus environment while providing you all the possible support we can offer! If we don’t have the answers, we’ll find someone who does! I love the feeling of belonging–who doesn’t? You may see different groups you do or do not want to join (and that’s okay, too), but I encourage you to find your fit–if you’re an introvert, I challenge you to speak up; if you’re an extrovert, I challenge you to listen more intently. This is the time to try things out, meet people, and love being a part of a community that exists to serve you! Orientation is purely just good-hearted fun, no matter your age, race, spirituality, sexuality, or political affiliation! We at ISU stand united!

Welcome to ISU NSO 2016! You’ll all be Bengals, soon!

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