I’m back with advice! My Roadmap to Success includes three important things: Academic Advising, Time Management and Building a Relationship with Professors. These concepts helped me succeed at ISU and I hope they help you too!

Whether you’re a traditional student coming to ISU as a new freshman, a transfer student coming from another university, or a non-traditional student starting school Elise_Speakingafter a long period of time, your first semester can be overwhelming! For me, meeting with an academic advisor was a first important step. At your advising session, you and your advisor can go over your educational goals and your schedule and figure out a plan of action that will work for you.

I would also recommend having a time management plan in place. Between classes, homework, social events, and possibly work and family, life for a student can get Elise_SenatePicpretty crazy! I stay on top of my life by using Google calendar.. It’s an awesome tool that allows me to set reminders for my tasks and appointments, and I can color-code it to fit the different things in my life. I sync it to my phone and computer, so I have my schedule at a glance. This semester, figure out a time management system that works for you and use it!

Finally, I recommend introducing yourself to your instructors and getting to know them. Your instructors can be key resources for you as you explore not only their class, but also your major and your entire college experience. The faculty here at ISU is fantastic, and my experience has been that the instructors are all rooting for student success. You’ll find that they have a wealth of knowledge and support to share, you just need to ask.

Welcome, New Bengals!!

SOcial media- Elise