Hey everybody! I hope you are getting excited for NSO and the coming semester. I know that this year’s New Student Orientation is going to be a blast! NSO is a weekend full of laughs, free food, free swag (i.e. shirts, hats, etc.), friendship, and smiles.  So let loose, lighten up, and make memories, because you will walk away with new experiences that will stay with you throughout your time at ISU.

I would suggest that you go to each event with an open mind, and know that everyone else in the room is feeling the exact same way as you; which means it is a perfect time to help one another create laughs and smiles. I would highly suggest that you attend every event, because we have put some awesome events together for you new Bengals, and they are jam packed with information, resources, and most of all FREE food!! Another great advantage of attending NSO would be getting to meet a diverse population of faculty and staff which allows you to establish connections that will benefit you during the semester.

Looking back, I can still remember my first day here at Idaho State. I had a feeling of anxiousness and fear that I wouldn’t be able to find my classes or a group of friends to hang out with, and of course the culture shock from entering into a totally new lifestyle. But, I realized that it was all in my head, and I wasn’t giving ISU a chance to grow on me. The best advice and remedy I can give for these emotions and thoughts, that you may or may not experience, is to get out of your room and do something you enjoy. It sounds cliché but if you do things you really enjoy, you will have more positive thoughts and it will be easier for you to live outside of your comfort zone and talk to other students.

Another thing that I had to realize after moving into the residence halls (dorms), is that no one knows me and no one is judging me. It was hard for me to realize that I can go out and make friends and be social because I felt like everyone was thinking about how weird I am. If you begin to think this during your first couple of days… stop and tell yourself that you are crazy for thinking that way; because the sooner you stop thinking that way the sooner you will create more friends.  Basically, in a nutshell, you need to be comfortable with yourself and who you are otherwise you will struggle when trying to socialize. Now, I am not saying 614640_498652186829446_181447987_oeveryone feels this way because I know there are some social masters out there in the world which is awesome!!!!  My advice to you social masters would be to think open minded and challenge yourself to reach out to as  many people as possible, engage in a conversation with that lonely person, create a friendship with someone that you normally wouldn’t talk to, or teach/learn something new from a stranger. Go out and share your master social skills with others around you and see how many people realize that they are just like you… a social master!

Now the first day of classes can be a little stressful, but the first day of anything is always a little stressful. I have several tips to help with that first day! First, walk around campus and get familiar with which buildings your classes are in and what floor they are located on. Next, I would print out your schedule off of Bengal Web, by accessing your academic tools tab and selecting the tab that says week at a glance, then place it in one of your binders or take a screenshot of your schedule and set it as your background for the first week. Thirdly, if you know you have a challenging course visit the Student Success Center on the third floor of Rendezvous and sign up for a Free tutor in that subject. Finally, I would suggest getting to know fellow classmates and all of your professors! Establishing connections will allow you to succeed when things get a little rockier during the semester.

I already mentioned the Student Success Center but here are a few more resources located within rendezvous: The Math Center which is located on the third floor, the Writing Center which is located within the Student Success Center on the third floor, and finally the computer labs which are located next to the doors entering from cadet field. These are just a few of the important resources that our campus offers.

Idaho State also offers many opportunities to get involved which is pretty awesome because it is very beneficial to be involved. There a couple of places to look at if you are wanting to be involved:

-Housing: Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) 322286_503949789633019_1537610259_owithin housing will allow you to experience excellent professional work experience while still engaging in your own student life activities.

-Residence Hall Association (RHA)- this organization belongs to housing and is ran by fellow residents in the dorms across campus; these students plan and promote events for housing residents.

-The Involvement Center- this office is located on the bottom floor of the SUB and is home to Student Activities Board (SAB) as well as all student clubs.

-Recreation Center (Reed Gym)- the gym has many areas to get involved including student jobs, intramural sports, and workout classes.

Just remember someone on this campus has experienced what you are going 10704006_804100516308763_2107616084081383130_nthrough which means that they can give advice to you and all you have to do is step out of your comfort zone and ask them.

I can’t wait to meet all you new Bengals and watch you experience an amazing freshman year! Don’t hesitate to ask me a question if you see me during NSO or walking around campus.

Social Media- Mitch