Alright Bengals, it’s me, Emily, again. Now that you have learned my Road to ISU, do you want to know how to be successful in college? It seems like everyone has a different piece of advice! That’s because different tactics work for different people. Here are some ideas that worked for me. Hopefully some of them will work for you too!

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help– For me, it is not easy to admit when I don’t know something! However, when I came to ISU, I quickly learned that I was adjusting to a whole new lifestyle, aaaand there was quite a bit I didn’t know. I learned to ask for help–whether my professors, classmates, or Resident Assistant–when I had questions. Make this transition easier on yourself!
  2. Stay Organized– Easier said than done, right? Get yourself a planner or Google calendar prepared to keep track of assignments, tests, and quizzes. Believe it or not, you are responsible for knowing when things and due and when you have exams. Once, I had two courses that scheduled their exams on the same days for the whole semester. It was really important to know this ahead of time so I could prepare accordingly.
  3. Join a club- This one is so important! When I came to ISU, I didn’t know a single person. 10999669_10202930143133844_687614059931944106_o I ended up going to sorority recruitment and joined Alpha Xi Delta. I instantly knew 30 people who wanted to see me succeed. No matter what the club is, join one! Meet new people and get involved in ISU life. There are also many leadership positions available! In my time with Greek Life, I held the positions of: Alpha Xi Delta President, Panhellenic President, Panhellenic Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. These leadership positions helped develop important career skills like communication, conflict management, and event planning. These skills and positions look great on a resume!
  4. Utilize the resources here– Believe it or not, other students have already gone through this process! These students have paved the way for us to be successful. There are so many campus resources established to help us success. They exist because students needed them! So utilize them!
  5. Go to Class– I remember in High School that so many of my teachers said, “in college, you don’t HAVE to attend class.” To me, this is just entirely not true for several reasons. First, it is a waste of my money if I miss class. I am paying for this course, and every class I miss is money lost. Second, I have had more classes that incorporate participation and attendance than those that did not. Therefore, a portion of my grades depend on being present. Lastly, if you don’t go to class, you miss the material and possibly assignments or pop quizzes. This one speaks for itself!
  6. Take the time to get to know your professors- Build a relationship with your professors. This is beneficial because you will feel more comfortable asking for help on assignments or course concepts. In addition, many professors will be more lenient to students who they know work hard and make an effort. For example, my freshman year I had an exam scheduled that conflicted with attending my sister’s college graduation. I spoke with my professor and he was very empathetic and let me take the exam early!
  7. Don’t be afraid to say no– There is so much to do in college! Between school work, University activities, and hanging out with friends, there is a lot to prioritize. I learned early on that there is a critical balance between school, fun, and work. I wanted to make the most of my time here and take every opportunity. However, sometimes you have to say no to a late night food run in order to finish school work. Easier said than done, of course!
  8. Have Fun– My college years have been incredible, and I know I have
    I attended ISU's first Dance Marathon to raise money for Primary Children's Hospital.
    I attended ISU’s first Dance Marathon to raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital.

    made the most of my time here. I have made so many memories and friendships that contributed to my experience. College is amazing so have fun and make the most of it!

As a whole, these segments of advice worked for me, but that is not a guarantee they will for you! Find what works and doesn’t work for you. If you want more advice, please ask your Orientation Leaders any questions you have. I know I would be happy to share more insight and so would the rest of the team!

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