Hey all y’all Bengals!

My name is Jessica Clements and I am the Social Events and Traditions Coordinator for NSO 2015. I am a senior double majoring in Psychology and Organizational Communication – Public Relations. I am originally from Rexburg, Idaho but moved to Pocatello on a semi-permanent basis at the beginning of my sophomore year. In July, I will be moving to Idaho Falls and will be a commuter student for my final two semesters. So let’s just say I’m from Southeast Idaho and proud of it! I’m looking forward to making this year count, and NSO will be a great way to kick off my senior year in style!

I guess you could say ISU was in my blood from the very beginning because I’m a third generation Bengal. But I actually didn’t know that before I picked my university. When I was looking for my university, I was really looking for a place where I could become me! Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of my high school days, but I felt kind of boxed in. I had been with the same people since third grade, and was really ready to break out of the mold and labels that I had collected over the years. To me, Idaho State was that opportunity.

ISU is about an hour and a half drive from my hometown, which has been a perfect distance. I’m close enough that I can go home and see my family, be there for my brothers’ soccer tournaments and band concerts, and mom and dad can be here if something goes wrong. But it’s also far enough away that I can be independent and have my own life.

Idaho State also has a stellar Psychology program, which is what I initially planned to study. I couldn’t go anywhere in the nation and find one better, so why not stay in the beautiful region that I love? Pocatello is the heart of the Portneuf Valley and surrounded by hiking trails, camping areas, and some great mudding trails. Who can beat that?!

So ISU made sense. It felt good.  I was confident in my choice, and proud to say that I was going to be a Bengal. I packed up my things and made the trip to Pocatello. That’s where my Bengal blood kicked in. I got to campus and could just feel the energy in the air. Here was my chance to take charge of my life. To blaze a trail, to be who I wanted to be, to make my life what I wanted it. I started at Orientation, and when I went to March Through The Arch that was when I knew that I was -and always have been- a Bengal; and I’ve never looked back. Idaho State is my home. Orange and black is in my blood.

Every year I have played a role in NSO. First as a new student, then as an Orientation Leader. Last year I was an Orientation Coordinator, and this year I’ve come back to wrap it all up. Idaho State has given me so many opportunities and set me on my path to success. NSO was the foundation of that path for me, which is why I come back every year. It reminds me, and it is so great to be able to share that experience with our New Bengals. I hope to be able to help you take those first steps at Idaho State.

Welcome to Bengal Nation! You’re going to love it here.

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