Hello incoming bengals! The Idaho State University Health Center is excited for the opportunity to educate new students. Today, we will explain our three priority topics including: the ISU Health Center, Health Insurance Verification, and Important Preventative Healthcare Measures.

The ISU Health Center

The Idaho State University Health Center has the benefit 140807_StudentHealth_Promotion_02of excellent patient care with the advantage of convenience. With the clinic right on campus, we offer quality care that is close and accessible to all students. The clinic has no office-visit fee for students and can book same day appointments. We also bill private insurances and see spouses of students. Our board-certified staff is dedicated to the wellbeing of patients and will provide consultations, evaluate potential risks, and give referrals when appropriate. Some of our services include: laboratory, ultrasound, X-Ray, birth control and STD testing. We also have easy access to the Bengal Pharmacy which is located on the second floor. The ISUHC recognizes their University environment and strives to educate their patients and give them the resources to make informed decisions.

Health Insurance Verification

The Idaho State Board of Education policy requires all full-time students and international students enrolled in 1 or more credits to have ACA Compliant health insurance coverage. Your coverage must be active the first day of the semester (August 24th, 2015). Insurance requirements include: maximum lifetime benefit must be unlimited, have a deductible of no more than $6,600 per person. In addition, all international students must have repatriation coverage ($10,000) and medical evacuation coverage ($15,000). The company must be operated and claims paid in the United States.

Health insurance must be verified through the University. Students must complete the process every semester or a hold will be placed on their account. Follow the steps below and fill out the form in less than 10 minutes!

  1. Log into BengalWeb
  2. Click on the Academic Tools or Finances tab
  3. Click on Health Insurance Verification
  4. Complete the form

If you have further questions about Health Insurance, please call the ISU Health Center at 282.2330. In addition, if you need to find an insurance plan, consider Ascension’s website where you can compare plans. The ISU Health Center works closely with Ascension and they cater specifically to Idaho State students.

Preventative Healthcare

Before you arrive at Idaho State, it is important to have a plan to stay healthy. Be sure that you have all your prescriptions together or transfer them to the Bengal Pharmacy. You might consider seeing your hometown doctor before coming to campus. Then, once you arrive, schedule an appointment with the ISU Health Center and establish your health records with 140807_StudentHealth_Promotion_51a provider. This will set the stage to stay healthy here at ISU. Many students don’t think about where to go when they are sick….until they are sick!  , ISU does not require their students to have specific immunizations. However, it is very wise to stay current on vaccinations in a concentrated population such as a college campus.

The ISU Health Center has more information on their services, health insurance, and preventative health care on their website. Visit isu.edu/healthcenter or call 282.2330 for more information. Welcome to Idaho State, new bengals! We are here to keep you healthy!

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