My name is Elise and I’m thrilled to be here at ISU! When I think about my ISU journey, I don’t know if I chose ISU as much as ISU chose me. I feel like I’m meant to be here, and I have truly fallen in love with being a Bengal!

I’m a non-traditional student which means that I’m older than 25 (ha ha), I don’t rely on my parents for any support, and I have significant responsibilities outside of my school life. In my life, this means that I’m a wife to a great husband, mom to three boys, and I work to support my own family. I went to college straight out of high school, but I never really found my place, so when I got married and had a baby, it was easy to lose track of my educational goals. However, I always knew that I wanted to earn my degree. When my husband decided to return to school for his master’s degree, I decided that now was as good a time as any to go back.

With online colleges and online programs, there are more options for students than ever. When looking at my options, I realized that while flexibility was important, I really wanted to have a face-to-face college experience. ISU offered me both—flexible classes held both online and on the Idaho Falls campus and the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic university experience.

After visiting the campus, I immediately felt like this was the right decision.

I remember feeling really anxious to attend NSO, but within the first few minutes, I was so glad I came! NSO gave me the chance to get to know some of my fellow students—many of whom were also non-traditional—and get to know my campus. I felt like the workshops helped ease me back into college life, and I learned some fantastic study tips that I still use today. I definitely recommend NSO as the first step in a successful ISU experience!

I’ve been privileged to participate in several student organizations. Being involved on campus has given me the opportunity to meet the most dedicated and enthusiastic people, and my association with them has made my college experience more fulfilling than I ever thought possible. It all started with NSO!

I love being a student at ISU. My experience has been phenomenal—from the incredible and knowledgeable instructors, to the helpful staff, to the amazing students, I’m so glad I chose ISU!



SOcial media- Elise