The Bengal Family

Posted by: Brooke Barber, Director

Parents. Siblings. Children. Spouse. Grandparents. Cousins. Best friends.

The word “family” truly means something different to each student at Idaho State University. While some of you will be living 2,000 miles from your family while at ISU, others might be living at home. No matter who you consider to be your family, or how far away they might be from you next year, this group will become one of the most important parts of your college experience.

It is your family who will be a voice of support in the midst of a new journey.  It is your family who will be your connection to your past, even as your future unfolds daily as a college student.  It is your family who will be missing you greatly if you left home to live in Pocatello.  It is your family who is likely making sacrifices in order for you pursue your degree.

Here is a bit of advice for our newest Bengals on how you can make your family part of the BENGAL FAMILY!

Invite them to attend New Student Orientation with you!

Most of our NSO Programs are designed to include your family! For example, day one of Pocatello NSO is called “Family Day.”  Even young children are invited, and will enjoy fun inflatables and kid-friendly menu items.  We want you to show-off your new campus to your family.  We want them to feel the same Bengal connection that you do as a student.  We want them to hear from the faculty and staff of ISU, and to be able to understand the resources available to all ISU students.  The NSO schedule explains a bit more about which days and events include family members.  As you sign-up, be sure to let us know how many family members you intend to bring with you.

Stay in Touch with your Family!

In the world of advanced technology, it is easier than ever to stay connected to our loved ones. As the semester gets going, and as your courses get busier, be sure to stay in touch with your loved ones. Let them know how your classes are going. Send memorable photos of all of your new memories as a Bengal.  Set up Skype or Facetime sessions on a regular basis – there is nothing like seeing a loved one face to face!  The more you share with your loved ones, the more they can be an encouragement to you during the stressful moments of college life.

Invite them to Family Weekend!

One of our most beloved campus traditions at ISU is Family Weekend!  Held each year in the fall semester, it is the perfect chance to bring your family back to campus for a weekend of football, tailgating, performing arts, fun meals, fishing, movies, bowling, and more.  This is also a great opportunity to introduce your family to your new friends and even to your favorite faculty member.  The registration for Family Weekend will be live in August 2015, but save the date now for November 6-8!