Hello everyone, my name is Mitch Berry and I am a junior here at Idaho State University. I am pursuing a degree in Psychology and plan to attend graduate school for my Master’s degree in counseling and/or Social work.

My journey to ISU began in Idaho Falls, Idaho at Bonneville High School where I graduated high school in 2011. I was eager to get out on my own and “experience” life. I had a very detailed plan for my college years and intended to follow it precisely, but I became adventurous and decided to make a new plan. Right before I was supposed to attend New Student Orientation at Idaho State University, I decided to attend a different university in Idaho, and move as far away from home as possible. While my experience was memorable, it was not the right choice for me, and I even began to regret my decision. I started researching how to transfer to ISU and made the choice to move back home the spring of 2012. At this time I was studying nursing and it made more sense for me to pursue this degree at a university that had a top ranking nursing program (By the way, ISU was ranked fifth out of 442 nursing schools in the west in the 2014-2015 academic year!!) Idaho State was also much closer to my family and friends, but still far enough away that I had to step out of my comfort zone. This allowed me to grow and become my own person. The ISU campus brought me a feeling of peace and comfort.  I distinctly remember falling in love with the atmosphere during my tour.

I initially chose ISU because of their Health Science’s programs and the proximity to my home. However reflecting on my journey here at Idaho State, I can honestly say that it was the atmosphere that led me to choose ISU. The campus is full of friendly people who reach out to you, help you discover where you fit in, and stand behind you when you are faced with tough decisions. In addition, the professors do an amazing job of reaching out to their students and helping them find resources to succeed in their courses; and the staff is also very friendly and helpful. Throughout my first year here at ISU I began to feel like I had chosen the wrong area of study and started reaching out to my advisors and fellow students to seek advice. I talked to many professors and advisors, which were all very accepting, and found my new passion for psychology. The decision to switch majors was not an easy one, and it was certainly stressful. However, the advisor within Central Academic Advising and the Psychology Department were tremendously insightful in this process.

So, my journey has brought me here—to New Student Orientation! I am working here for countless reasons, but I will try to mention just a few! First, I love meeting new people, and I want to be a resource for incoming Bengals and make sure that all the new students have their questions answered. Secondly, I want all the transferring students to feel welcomed, since I can relate so well to the transfer experience. In addition, I want to help create the positive, outgoing, friendly environment that I remember feeling the first time I came to ISU. Lastly, I am also very excited to share my stories about becoming involved at ISU with all of the new students. I hope that I can help push people out of their comfort zones and show them how rewarding it can be to become who they are through involvement on campus. But most of all, I am here for the smiles, laughter, and great memories, because #IdahoStateNSO is going to be an EPIC ADVENTURE!!!

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