Wow, there are many aspects of college life that require preparation and planning. To many new freshman, this could be overwhelming. We recommend that our incoming Bengals start with an easy, achievable task. Though simple, this task is incredibly important. Get ready for it…

Check your email.

Now that wasn’t so bad right? It almost seems silly or even “no-brainer” advice.  However, your ISU email account is your gateway to communication at the University and it starts now. As you look forward to the fall semester, and hopefully are excited to attend New Student Orientation, this will be the primary way for you to gain important pieces of information about campus life and Orientation details.

So start your college “to-do list” with something easy!  Add your ISU email account to your devices and stay current with ISU news! This account can be accessed through as well as through BengalWeb.

During New Student Orientation, you’ll have the chance to attend a session which will discuss the importance of how you write your emails during your time at the University.  In the meantime, and for fun, check out this humorous letter to students from Inside Higher Ed on how to write an email.